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Celebrate Houston! Music and Arts Festival - Celebrating Houston's Diversity and Building a Positive Future

Sunday, November 3
Noon to 6pm

Tlaquepaque Market Plaza
708 Telephone Road at Lockwood
Houston, Texas 77023

Celebrate Houston! will take place from Noon to 6pm, Sunday, November 3 on the Tlaquepaque Market Plaza, with activities at Bohemeo's and the East End Studio Gallery.

The free event will offer activities to suit many interests, including:

-Live Music by Milton Hopkins and the Hit City Blues Band
-Encore Performance by YETLANEZI (Huehuetl), from Jalisco, Mexico
-Accordion Workshop by Ed Poullard (Les Amis Creole) and Roberto Rodriguez (Umbrella Man, Pistoleros de Tejas)
-Live Interview with Milton Hopkins by author Roger Wood
-Indigenous Instruments Workshop by Huehuetl
-Dia de los Muertos Art Exhibit and Traditional Altars at East End Studio Gallery
-Artists and Unique Vendors
-Book Presentation and panel discussion of "Neglected by Two Countries" by Marie Elena Cortes
-Poetry Readings
-Kids' Activities
-Artery Media Project Video Presentation
-Non-profit Organizations
-Green Zone featuring Environmental Education Groups
-Presentation of Houston Cool youth environmental education projects
-Information about the Houston East End Museum and Houston Museum of Culture
-Collection of "Houston Treasures" - interesting Houston stories for the Houston Story radio program, museum archives and exhibits
-Houston Museum of Culture Bookstore
-Bohemeo's Beer Garden, Food Trucks and more

The event is presented in a format similar to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, with high quality, entertaining cultural arts and music performances, as well as facilitated workshops and demonstrations that focus on specific cultures and regional traditions.

The Celebrate Houston! Music and Arts Festival mission is: "Celebrating our diversity and building a positive future." The festival supports local artists and provides valuable education resources to benefit local communities. The mini-festival that started in 2009 is planned to become the flagship event of the Houston Museum of Culture in the future.

Celebrate Houston! Music and Arts Festival is produced by Houston Institute for Culture with support of the Texas Commission on the Arts and National Endowment for the Arts.

Celebrate Houston! is additionally sponsored by Houston Museum of Culture, East End Studio Gallery, Bohemeo's, Blue Line Bike Lab, Luz de Luna Photography Studio, Eastwood Variety Store, Scoops Ice Cream, Bright Star Productions, Houston Blues Society, KPFT and Howlin' the Blues.

Celebrate Houston! Music and Arts Festival benefits Houston Cool. The program's objective is: "By planting trees, you make Houston cool!" Learn more about the Houston Cool youth program and the many benefits of trees at www.houstoncool.org.

Participants are encouraged to walk and bike to Celebrate Houston! for health and for the environment. Information about area hike and bike routes will be provided for walkers and bicyclists who are interested. Attendees should also consider using Metro busses, including the 40 (serving Telephone and Lockwood), 36 or 50 (serving nearby major streets), or busses serving the Eastwood Transit Center. Information can be found at www.ridemetro.org.


What are we Celebrating?

We are celebrating Houston's diversity by experiencing the rich cultural arts of Houston and building a positive future by connecting with community non-profit organizations.

Please join us for all these great arts and education events and benefits as we celebrate more than ten great years of Houston Institute for Culture: http://www.houstonculture.org/support/news.html


Support Valuable Youth Programs

Celebrate Houston! benefits city-wide youth programs, including Houston Cool and Girls Excel.

Donate at: http://www.hmoc.org/events

Learn more about how to sponsor or volunteer for Houston Institute for Culture youth programs. Contact Mark Lacy (mark [at] houstonculture.org).


Contact Us Today

Artists and vendors, contact Iris Contreras (iris [at] hmoc.org)

Non-profit organizations, contact Mark Lacy (mark [at] houstonculture.org)


Celebrate Houston! - celebrating Houston's diversity and building a positive future - benefits city-wide youth programs Houston Cool and Girls Excel, and promotes awareness and support for Houston Museum of Culture programs.

Presented with support of the City of Houston Citizenship Month,
Department of Neighborhoods, Houston Arts Alliance, Texas
Commission on the Arts and National Endowment for the Arts.


Houston Cool The objective is simple: By planting trees, You Make Houston Cool.

Houston Cool provides college interns with science backgrounds to schools in Houston's urban and industrial areas to help young students explore the benefits of trees. Students learn how trees help reduce the urban "heat island" effect and remove pollutants from the air. They even use math and science to understand the processes and calculate the positive impact of trees. They incorporate urban planning and artistic skills to determine where trees will have the greatest impact on the aesthetics and quality of life of their neighborhood or school. With an approved plan, they plant the trees during a community celebration.

The student plans and intended outcomes are shared with peer groups across the city to inspire a Houston Cool movement that is concerned with quality of life, health, environmental stewardship, beautification, civic pride and community improvement.

The program is part of Houston Institute for Culture's very successful media-based, hands-on youth education programs. In these programs, students utilize media tools, such as photography, digital storytelling and video, to engage the community and their peers about the most effective ideas to improve the world around them.

Girls Excel Girls Excel pairs female mentors from area universities, who work in much-needed paid college internship positions, with middle school and high school girls in at-risk communities to provide mentoring and academic support. The students work together in small groups with their mentor to complete a media project, while having the support of a college role model, who is available on a weekly basis in the after-school program. Girls Excel focuses on east and southwest Houston communities where dropout rates are highest and college attendance is low. The program aims to raise self-esteem, motivate and inspire academic interests, while empowering young women to take an active role in their community or be a voice for marginalized groups within the school or neighborhood.

The projects that are facilitated by the college intern center around digital storytelling, which utilizes new media technology to produce new forms of media. The curriculum, originating from Dr. Bernard Robin at the University of Houston's College of Education, has proven highly successful in numerous area schools, as it has been implemented by Houston Institute for Culture for more than six years.

The Girls Excel program follows the same model as HIFC's previously successful programs in schools, but with a conscious effort to pair university women with girls' clubs in the schools to address issues that are raised from year to year, including: experiencing and becoming aware of sexism and media pressures; lack of college aspirations or motivation to complete high school; peer pressure; and, the traditional roles expected of many women in their home environment.

Celebrate Houston! and other Houston Museum of Culture events support these valuable city-wide youth programs. To donate, please go to www.hmoc.org/events and click on the "Donate" button at the bottom of the page. Please request additional information by calling 713-667-6650.